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The purpose of is to educate and provide opportunities for civic-minded individuals to work for the good of the city.  We encourage you to join with us in this effort in two ways:

First, by subscribing to this blog.  Here you will find a plethora of great events going on in the UIC area.  This can be done by simply clicking on the link “rss” at the top right side of this page where you find “stay updated via rss”.  If you do not yet have an account with an RSS Reader, this will also direct you through the steps to sign up.

Secondly, you can follow this link to “friend” us on Facebook.  Here you’ll be able to see summaries of any blog posts to the home page of, but even more, you’ll be able to comment on our “wall” to let others know about events or opportunities within the UIC area that you discover yourself.

And if you have any input or suggestions for making truly an exhaustive resource for all things UIC Area, please email!


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