-University of Illinois at Chicago

-Chicago Public Schools

-Great Schools

-Andrew Jackson Language Academy:  1340 W. Harrison St.

-Benito Juarez High School:  2150 S. Laflin St.

-Bernice F. Joyner CPC:  1315 S. Blue Island Ave.

-Chalmers Elementary School:  1055 W. Roosevlet Rd.

-Chicago Hope Academy:  2189 W. Bowlers St.

-Chicago Lighthouse:  1850 W. Roosevelt Rd.

-Children of Peace School:  1900 W. Taylor St.

-Octavio Paz Charter School:  2401 W. Congress Pkwy.

-Orozco Elementary School:  1940 W. 18th St.

-Perez School:  1241 W. 19th St.

-Peter Cooper School:  1624 W. 19th St.

-Pilsen Community Academy:  1420 W. 17th St.

-Ruben Salazar Bilingual Branch:  1641 W. 16th St.

-Rush Day School:  1720 W. Polk St.

-Simpson Academy High School for Young Women:  1321 S. Paulina St.

-Smyth Elementary School:  1059 W. 13th St.

-STEM Magnet Academy: 1522 W. Fillmore St.

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