-Chicago Park District

-13th Street Playlot Park:  2250 W. 13th St.

-Addams Park:  1301 W. 14th St.

-Altgeld Park:  515 S. Ashtenaw Ave.

-Arrigo Park:  801 S. Loomis St.

-Barberry Playlot Park:  2825 W. Arthington St.

-Baraga Playlot Park:  2434 S. Levitt St.

-Barrett Park:  2022 W. Cermak Rd.

-Claremont Playlot Park:  2334 W. Flournoy St.

-Dogwood Playlot Park:  2732 W. Polk St.

-Dvorak Park:  1119 W. Cullerton St.

-Fosco Park:  1313 S. Throop St.

-Garibaldi Playground Park:  1520 W. Polk St.

-Guadalupe Reyes Park:  821 W. 19th St.

-Harrison Park:  1824 S. Wood St.

-Jefferson Playlot Park:  1640 S. Jefferson St.

-Miller Playlot Park:  848 S. Miller St.

-Park No. 510:  2162 W. Polk

-Sheridan Park:  910 Aberdeen St.

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